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WoW Factor: The dumb World of Warcraft stuff from BlizzCon

This is duuuuumb
This is duuuuumb

It’s straightforward to only assume of this yr’s BlizzCon as having dumb stuff on show for Diablo, however let’s be actual right here – there have been sufficient missteps to go round, proper right down to having a pleasant serving to of dangerous decisions on show for World of Warcraft.

Lest you assume I’m claiming that WoW was as badly mismanaged because the Diablo: Immortal reveal, let me simply say proper right here that’s clearly not the case. There have been rather a lot of issues that have been completed with WoW that have been well-received, and the general angle was one which I’d describe as usually constructive… from the individuals who spent so much of cash to go to the conference and attend the panels. However there have been nonetheless some issues that landed like lead balloons even amongst that crowd, and that’s among the many most devoted of devoted followers.

And the clunks that occurred? They have been dumb. It was a collection of dumb errors that didn’t have to occur at any level, from dangerous artistic selections that lots of individuals noticed coming and had already critiqued to some design selections with apparent dangerous concepts baked proper in. So now that we’re on the opposite measurement of BlizzCon, let’s speak slightly bit about that.

Chronicle of a predictable twist long since foretold.

Sure, there’s dumb storytelling

Earlier than, every time individuals would level out that Sylvanas was being arrange as Garrosh, this complete BlizzCon was full of figuring out winks and what somebody most have thought was sly hinting about the truth that that is precisely what’s occurring. It’s not even delicate. It’s proper there, right down to Anduin and Saurfang, all of the post-con speak about selecting, so on and so forth.

This isn’t new. It was arrange again within the prequel novel when Calia Menethil was principally moved round as a figurehead. And now we’re right here, and everyone knows that sure, that is going the identical approach Garrosh did. In truth, it’s actually one of the issues I proposed as the place the story can go from right here, and it’s boring, and it’s dumb, and it doesn’t truly add something to the sport.

If something, it subtracts one thing essential, and that’s the sense of any shades of gray. Even when Saurfang will get the Warchief seat (this isn’t actually being hinted at any longer).

Let’s assume that sure, Sylvanas enlists the facility of the Previous Gods, and sure, she needs to be put down. And let’s go a notch additional and even assume that sure, the last word endgame as type of vaguely hinted at is that that is the top of the faction conflicts, that the 2 sides come nearer collectively in a proper sense. Is that payoff?

Not likely as a result of at this level the Horde is actually producing world-ending threats on the common. Ending this with a “more honorable” Horde and the Alliance working collectively simply signifies that the Alliance has chosen to be intensely dumb but once more, deciding that they promised to be good this time so it’s all nice. You don’t really feel prefer it’s an actual battle; you are feeling just like the Alliance is operating to a good distance once more as a result of the Horde promised to not pull the soccer away.

And that’s all suspecting that that is truly a change to the established order in an enormous means, one that would have been countenanced in dozens and even lots of of alternative ways however concerned one other enlargement of the Horde being much more cartoonishly evil. (Think about if the enlargement had began with each side coming collectively and making Greymane the large dangerous!)

It’s dumb storytelling, Charlie Brown. And it seems like the one cause why the overall response wasn’t eye-rolling exhaustion was as a result of of Chris Metzen displaying up for a notice of shock. That was enjoyable.

Item by item.

Dumb solutions, too

I’ve stated this earlier than, however when Ion Hazzikostas defined that “you could plot out your upgrades on a calendar” as his purpose for not utilizing foreign money and explains that the workforce has been straddling a line between random and predictable rewards, my first response was to facepalm. It was like one thing breaking in me. “Oh God,” I assumed, “he thinks they nailed this. He thinks that this is a case where he almost got it right and the team just needs to adjust the details.”

He’s fallacious, of course. Foreign money and predictable upgrades are a superb system. However I didn’t need to cease there this time, so whereas strolling round for half an hour I got here up with three different reward techniques designed solely to stick to the said design objectives. None of them present a strict schedule in your upgrades, all of them have causes so that you can be excited for random drops, and all of them additionally offer you a dependable and predictable path.

The Mysterious system: Everytime you clear a dungeon, full a sure quantity of Emissary quests, or clear a raid wing, you get a Mysterious Garment. A Mysterious Garment can be utilized for one of three issues. You’ll be able to flip it into a selected piece of armor on the lowest relevant reward tier on your merchandise degree, improve an present piece of armor by a piece of ranges, or reforge and add secondary stats.

This ensures that random drops are nonetheless worthwhile (you gained’t want to show a Garment right into a shoulder piece in case you get one to drop for you) whereas supplying you with a path to upgrades it doesn’t matter what; it additionally signifies that getting helpful secondaries, bonuses, or Titanforges are nonetheless fortunate as a result of they prevent effort.

The Reroll system: A joint effort of the Bronze Dragonflight, the gnomes, and the goblins, the Destiny Reroller lets you feed a bit of gear you’ve gotten again into the streams of destiny. You’ll be able to commerce it in for another piece out there from the identical pool of gadgets, improve it to a better tier of merchandise, or add/change secondary stats and different bonuses. Sadly, destiny doesn’t wish to be modified; you purchase costs at a set price and may solely retailer a set quantity, which means that you simply solely get so many possibilities for enchancment.

This one nonetheless permits you to management what you get as long as you get one thing within the first place; you can simply lock it to the “tier” of gear you’ve cleared, so you possibly can solely get Heroic raid gear should you’ve cleared the present Heroic raid. It’d even be useful to tie some modifications to random probability, so that you’ve a shot at getting a better Titanforge, however no certainty about it.

The Craft system: As an alternative of foreign money, bosses will certainly drop some specialised crafting reagents in the event that they don’t award you a bit of armor. These reagents may be assembled by crafters or utilized by NPC crafters (at a worse trade fee) to assemble corresponding items of armor, together with different widespread crafting reagents. Each career will get in on it, too; Jewelcrafters can craft on sockets, Scribes can add specialised further stats, and so forth. It doesn’t matter what your career, you possibly can both craft your armor immediately or add one thing particular to crafted armor.

Once more, drops are strictly talking higher, since you get them instantly and don’t value gold or some other legwork. However this additionally provides crafters a task within the long-term of the sport, and would drive participant engagement with each other.

I don’t imply to suggest that any of these methods is flawless or doesn’t want tuning. This isn’t proof I’m smarter than the individuals at Blizzard; fairly the other. I can’t think about that Blizzard’s employees isn’t succesful of considering of these concepts and refining them right into a a lot better type.

However therein lies the issue. If I might provide you with three methods to perform the said objectives whereas simply idly considering, that leaves us with one of three choices. Both the designers by no means bothered excited about this stuff, they tried them however none of them labored (unlikely, since we in all probability would hear about it in some capability), or the said objectives usually are not truly true and the explanation why we’re caught with this random hellscape has nothing to do with it.

Well, it's still there.

And dumb kneecapping

One other factor that I’ve stated earlier than is that it’s astonishing how shortly the air went out of the room when it was introduced that the culminating dungeon of Mechagon can be an eight-boss Mythic-only dungeon. This was one thing individuals have been enthusiastic about proper up till that time, and it highlights an issue with a portion of the playerbase and the best way that the sport is laser-focused on making certain that the dungeon finder is pointless with out truly eradicating something.

Heroic dungeons, at this level, are pointless. They don’t do something. So an terrible lot of individuals do them as soon as for quest clears after which simply… cease. There’s no cause to return. Nothing is added at this level by having regular, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+ keystones… apart from the truth that they make sure you’re not utilizing the dungeon finder.

As with many poor selections, this appears to be based mostly on the idea that it’ll push individuals towards larger difficulties and extra fixed-group actions. However that sudden silence didn’t sound like individuals excited to attempt one thing more durable; it appeared like individuals surprised that a enjoyable new romp promising tons of open-world content material all of the sudden will finish in an exceedingly lengthy dungeon many DPS will in all probability swiftly hand over on ever seeing even when they could in any other case need to.

That is the builders kneecapping themselves. They’re making an attempt to push a selected playstyle and succeeding principally at pushing gamers away from the content material that the majority of them assume they’ll simply by no means get to see, which is one thing lower than a victory for design. Saying the “megadungeon” as a collection of new winged situations at regular and up would in all probability have been met with the identical cheers the whole lot else about Mechagon had gotten up till that time.

And therein lies the issue; the inspiration was there. It wasn’t a Diablo Immortal state of affairs whereby that they had the flawed reveal for the fallacious viewers. The viewers was keen and prepared, however the reveal was tailor-made for nobody.

Suggestions, as all the time, is welcome within the feedback under or by way of mail to Subsequent week, I’m going to tackle the flip aspect and spotlight the sensible issues that Blizzard managed for WoW at BlizzCon. It’s truly a large record!

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