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12 Movies to Watch If You Enjoyed ‘Glass’

Into The Spider Verse

What if Alfred Hitchcock directed a superhero film? Perhaps you’ll discover out with Matt Reeves’ The Batman, as a result of Glass isn’t the reply. Nor was Unbreakable, although it invited such comparisons 19 years in the past. M. Night time Shyamalan might know his Hitch higher than he is aware of his Hulk, however his newest film is completely on his personal phrases. Nobody else might have made one thing so at odds with its material. Or full of so many twists, in fact.

Glass is so loathing of the style it subverts that even comedian ebook film haters will need to revisit the final 20 years value — from the blockbuster variations of DC and Marvel to all the opposite efforts to depict grounded heroes (and would-be heroes) as they could exist in the actual world — to get the style out of their mouth. On this week’s listing of Movies to Watch After, I do spotlight a couple of of them, but in addition a scattered lot of different related movies, together with one which Shyamalan acknowledges as an affect.

And with this the primary syllabus of the yr, I’m going to attempt one thing a bit of totally different, steered by reader Michael Howell (@The_MJH). Listed here are 12 suggestions of what to watch after Glass, so as of latest to oldest, so you possibly can work backward by means of movie historical past:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

Into The Spider Verse

I’ve been seeing numerous mentions of this animated function, which continues to be in theaters, as a counterpoint to Shyamalan’s film and its thesis. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brings collectively totally different incarnations of the titular Marvel Comics superhero, every hailing from a unique parallel universe, with the last word assertion being that anybody can put on the masks. Glass says one thing kind of comparable, that anybody may be an excellent and never even comprehend it.

What’s fascinating about them seemingly being on the identical web page (together with Star Wars: The Final Jedi) is Shyamalan seems (in my studying of Glass) to be slamming comedian e-book film narratives with an tried mic drop declaration that they want to die, and we should always acknowledge potential in anything. Whereas Into the Spider-Verse, regardless of its meta mockery of superhero films, is an indication that they’re right here to keep and are getting higher.

You Have been By no means Actually Right here (2017)

You Were Never Really Here

If you want what Shyamalan does with the superhero film idea, grounding it and making it extra plausibly reasonable, you also needs to recognize Lynne Ramsay’s You Have been By no means Actually Right here, which takes an analogous strategy with motion thrillers of the Taken selection. And like Glass, the film presents lots of its motion via the attitude of safety cameras. And like Glass, once I say “action” I simply imply issues that occur as a result of it’s mild on motion.

Each movies additionally cope with delusions. However in Glass, discussions of “delusions of grandeur” are meant to persuade three superhuman characters their powers are all of their head. However they’re not. In Ramsay’s movie, Joaquin Phoenix (who virtually starred in Cut up and Glass as Kevin Crumb/The Horde/The Beast) is a vigilante hero comparable to David Dunn in Glass, besides he’s paid, who genuinely does have suicidal delusions stemming from his personal psychological traumas.

An Trustworthy Liar (2014)

Honest Liar

Did anybody else anticipate Dr. Staple to — twist! — have powers of her personal in the long run? It was no less than apparent that she was going to be revealed to be greater than she appeared. Having her secretly be a self-hating tremendous, like Graydon Creed in X-Males comics, would have been extra fascinating, particularly whereas she’s pretending to debunk the powers of Dunn, Crumb, and Glass. Her energy might have simply been a telepathic consciousness of different supers and their real presents.

As a comfort of that not having been the case, I like to recommend the documentary An Trustworthy Liar. No, it’s not a few tremendous debunking different supers, however it’s a few former stage magician, The Superb Randi, who now devotes his life to difficult different illusionists, notably debunking the work of con artists who move themselves off as really having psychic or in any other case supernatural talents. In contrast to Staple, Randi is an interesting character.

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Adjustment Bureau

One of many massive reveals in Glass is that — twist! — there’s a secret group that’s existed for hundreds of years bringing stability to the world by eliminating anybody with superhuman talents. Why? As a result of with the great comes the dangerous, and there you’ve gotten the details of the pure order. There’s an try to lastly allow them to reside, simply with out the information that they’re tremendous, however — twist! — Mr. Glass goes and exhibits all of the world that supers do exist.

That third-act divulgement jogged my memory of the premise of The Adjustment Bureau, a romantic thriller with a fantastical plot based mostly in your typical Philip Okay. Dick story. The film’s titular secret company is tasked with ensuring every little thing goes in accordance to a predetermined plan. Why? As a result of free will introduced concerning the Darkish Ages. And in the event that they let Matt Damon and Emily Blunt fall in love, opposite to the plan, perhaps the world will enter darkish occasions once more*
(*it will appear the Adjustment Bureau is actual, they usually have failed us).

Atonement (2007)


The most effective elements of Glass, because it was in Cut up, is James McAvoy’s efficiency as the various personalities of Kevin Crumb/The Horde. This time, we get to see virtually all the 23 characters sharing the one man’s thoughts, and because it seems, they’re principally every created by the actor himself, fairly than Shyamalan. The core personalities are possible from the script, however McAvoy obtained to check out a few of his personal conception, together with a number of based mostly on actual individuals.

Sadly, the one he tried modeled after the Glass author/director was shot down by Shyamalan as not working. Luckily, one other made it in, very briefly, based mostly on a 12-year-old Saoirse Ronan, as he remembers her from once they co-starred in Atonement. So, in case you take pleasure in “Mary Reynolds” (whom we heard about however by no means noticed in Cut up), then you definitely may take pleasure in Ronan’s Oscar-nominated efficiency as Briony in Joe Wright’s acclaimed adaptation.

The Darkish Knight Trilogy (2005, 2008, 2012)

Dark Knight Joker

Talking of flicks depicting the Dunkirk evacuation, keep in mind when critics have been calling Christopher Nolan the brand new Shyamalan as a result of so lots of his films had twists? Properly, it occurred. Anyway, amongst these movies of Nolan’s that don’t have twists are the trilogy of Batman Begins, The Darkish Knight, and The Darkish Knight Rises, nonetheless arguably the height collection of superhero films tailored from comics, begun simply 5 years after the discharge of Unbreakable.

Though not even an unique perception when Nolan tackled it, the Darkish Knight trilogy greatest explores the concept with superheroes come supervillains. The Joker arrives as Batman’s counterpoint, as a part of the escalation of the “superhero paradox” trope. In fact, Shyamalan’s trilogy of Unbreakable, Cut up, and Glass presents an order during which the villain, Glass, exists first, so is Dr. Staple and the key shamrock society’s level related anyway?

12 Monkeys (1995)


Bruce Willis is on a mission. He gained’t save the world on his personal, however at the very least he’ll do his half to make it higher. Sadly, he’s apprehended by authorities and locked up in a cell, the place he’s visited by a physician who believes he’s delusional. Then he’s put away in a psychological establishment till such time as he’s in a position to make his escape. That seems like a part of the plot of Glass. It’s additionally a part of the plot of Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys.

Impressed by Chris Marker’s experimental sci-fi brief La Jetee, 12 Monkeys follows a person from a dystopian future as he searches the current for clues about the reason for the approaching near-extinction of humanity. The physician he meets is a lady who ultimately believes he’s a time traveler after which turns into his associate, romantically even, in his quest. 12 Monkeys can also be partly set in Philadelphia, the setting of Glass and most different Shyamalan movies.

Comedian Guide Confidential (1988)

Stan Lee Cbc

What was the primary comedian ebook? That’s a query requested by Anya Taylor-Pleasure’s character in Glass, to an overenthusiastic and surprisingly not judgmental comedian store worker. The reply given is right, comedian books started with reprints of newspaper comedian strips, and if you would like extra on that story you need to watch Comedian Ebook Confidential, which additionally goes into the vaguely referenced intro of Superman, in Motion Comics #1, not “Active Comics.”

If you need a full and correct historical past of comedian books, there are publications and in addition different documentaries obtainable (together with PBS’s Superheroes: A By no means-Ending Battle restricted collection, Historical past Channel’s Superheroes Decoded, and the collection Robert Kirman’s Secret Historical past of Comics), however this one is a basic. It’s ironic, although, that it got here out simply earlier than the large comics growth of the 1990s. It additionally has an incredible interview with a youngish Stan Lee (R.I.P.).

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Cuckoos Nest

Right here’s the one film that Shyamalan has talked about time and again when discussing any direct influences on Glass. He advised Empire journal final month the thought happened from asking, “What if I did a comic-book version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? How cool would that be? How weird and cool?” Months earlier, he informed about his film:

“It’s a contained, character-driven thriller that happens to be about this subject. There’s very little CGI and it’s not about the spectacle. It’s really about the characters. One of my favorite films is ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and there’s a lot of that in this in this movie.”

And months earlier than that, the filmmaker tweeted:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is certainly one of my favourite movies of all time. Blatantly steal from it in #Glass. Milos Forman was a real artist.

— M. Night time Shyamalan (@MNightShyamalan) April 14, 2018

Milos Forman’s adaptation of Ken Kesey’s novel is about numerous characters inhabiting a psychological establishment, with a give attention to a rebellious legal affected person performed by Jack Nicholson. There’s additionally a tyrannical nurse performed by Louise Fletcher, who clearly impressed the Dr. Staple character in Glass. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest gained Oscars for Forman, Nicholson, Fletcher, and the tailored screenplay and was named Greatest Image of 1975. So, yeah, you need to see it for a lot of causes.

Spellbound (1945)

Spellbound Hitchcock

Okay, so let’s finish with an precise Hitchcock film, even when it’s not clear or probably that it instantly had any affect on Glass. Particularly if Cuckoo’s Nest is the psychological hospital film Shyamalan’s going to hold referencing as an alternative. Both method, Spellbound might be nonetheless the closest Hitch film to Shyamalan’s newest, if solely due to its psychological hospital setting and concentrate on a lady physician (Ingrid Bergman) treating a person (Gregory Peck) who believes one thing which may not be the reality.

The psychiatric thriller unfolds with its personal twists, they usually’re all a lot extra satisfying than any in Shyamalan’s new film (or any of his earlier efforts) regardless of consisting of slightly widespread contrivances. It’s all within the execution, which is extra than simply some particular person intense moments, which is what Shyamalan often will get a cross for attaining. Additionally, there’s a dream sequence in Spellbound designed by Salvador Dali!